50 Million Tonnes Video

Short film produced for Bradford Science Festival- e-waste, upcycling & hardware hacking


Watch us smashing up a printer and disecting a flashing trainer to find out more about e-waste HERE on the Bradford Science and Media Museum youtube.

50 Million Tonnes

…of electronic waste was produced last year. More than ever before, more every year. We buy more, it breaks more quickly, and more of it piles up in the poorest parts of the world.

In this film we learn the way of the Scavenger: all this e-waste is free stuff that we can learn to hack and use for our own inventions. We can learn how the technology works, about where the materials come from and where the waste goes to and what we can do to help the situation. Just maybe we can figure out what are we supposed to do with that drawer full of dead tech that we all have at home.

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